Building healthy generations
Collectively stop marketing that undermines breastfeeding
About us
PelanggaranKode platform is established and managed by a collective initiative that focuses on children's health and nutrition and concerns about the unethical marketing of the industry and its affiliates
PelanggaranKode is a form of civil society participation to participate in guarding the implementation of the Code and related national regulations.
PelanggaranKode was established in late 2020 and effectively launched in mid-May 2021. Code Violation is managed collectively by the Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers Association (AIMI), and Breastfeeding Fathers and supported by UNICEF Indonesia and the Maternal and Child Health Movement (GKIA).
PelanggaranKode Team
Founding father:
Irma Hidayana

Lianita Prawindarti
Fitria Rosatriani
Nia Umar
Irma Hidayana
Kusmayra Ambarwati
Rahmat Hidayat
Reza Oscar
Veby Mayfriandi
Children Health Alliance
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